About Us

Top priorities:
1. Health
2. Hygiene 
3. Consistent Taste
4. Cleanliness
5. Preparing & Serving with Love
We believe that, following above rules assures guaranteed customer satisfaction.

We use refined Rice Bran Oil for cooking
Our Teas are 100% Caffeine free
We use butter with low fat content
We use authentic spices which have a unique blend & taste
Our food contains secret ingredient – Love

About founders
GaramTawa Bistro LLP is Restaurant Company run by two Mechanical Engineers with a mission to change trends in the food industry with their unique concepts.
The goal is to bring a revolution in food industry by standardising, researching & implementing such concepts which would change the approach of people when they visit the restaurant.
We believe developing new recipes is too mainstream, however, twisting the traditional recipes is what makes our dishes unique.
As we originate from Maharashtra, we have kept our prime cuisine as Maharashtrian cuisine. Also, the concept of introducing a Café & a Restaurant under one roof is what gives customers a different kind of experience.
Being engineers by profession, we have already working with different engineering concepts & tools which are used to run our restaurant and have plans to implement more as well.
Sachin Dharia
Shreyas Gurav